I was tasked with completing a Reading Capture assignment in my Research in Learning Design and Technology course (INTE6720). For one of my reading captures, I was interested in learning more about MOOCs. I came across this interesting article and wanted to share my thoughts about it by posting my reading capture.

Bralić A. & Blaženka D. (2018). Integrating MOOCs in traditionally taught courses: achieving learning outcomes with blended learning. International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education, 15 (2).

This article examines the implementation of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) into a traditional classroom in higher education using the blended learning model. Bralić and Blaženka explain how there is a growing interest in how MOOCs can act as a complementary resource within traditional classrooms for both students and instructors.

A qualitative approach was used to analyze diaries kept by students. Students were Based upon the authors’ findings, both benefits and barriers to this approach were identified. The authors’ determined several recommendations for instructors when implementing a MOOC into a traditional classroom.

This study is beneficial in multiple areas. First, this particular approach to the topic of MOOCs is one that has little research already done. Second, it’s timely in that this article was just published this month. The world of elearning is evolving so rapidly that I believe it is important that we are able to learn from newer studies if possible. Third, as the authors state in this article, there is growing interest in how MOOCs can be integrated into traditional classrooms.

The sample in the authors’ research was small. The researchers also admitted this, as well as that further research in upcoming years needs to be conducted in order to “detect more reliable results and trends” (p. 14). While their study seemed to be solid, it gives one pause when they admit that they need more reliable results.

Best uses
This study could be beneficial to professors in higher education who are considering implementing a blended learning model. The authors provide detailed information on how MOOCs should be integrated into a traditional classroom, and they provide information on difficulties they encountered, notably within students whom English is not their primary language.