In my INTE5340, we were to remix the work of another student in our class. I was paired up with Paloma Ramirez. To find an artifact to remix, I went through her website’s blog and then ended up on her Twitter, where I found something that piqued my interest to remix. She had completed a 30 Second Story by creating a 30 second audio newscast. She had been inspired to do this assignment from a DS106 Daily Create that she had done earlier in the week. When I listened to her audio newscast, I immediately imagined an animated lady sitting behind a desk in a newsroom talking out the story to the viewers. Creating an animation is something I have never done before, and felt strongly compelled to try, as I had tried and failed numerous times to do animations. Please click on “View Project” on the right to read about my process remixing her artifact!

Course: INTE 5340 Learning with Digital Stories