I was challenged to create a 5-10 minute podcast episode about a color. The topic was to be vague on purpose, as we were asked to talk about something that is typically visual. This was a technique found during the golden age of radio called “theatre of the mind” which used audio to paint a picture in the listener’s mind. I discuss the newest blue pigment that was accidentally discovered at Oregon State University, which happens to be my undergraduate alma mater (Go Beavers!). Crayola is releasing their newest crayon based on this color later this year (update: it was released and Crayola named it “Bluetiful”).

I used a Microsoft headset and Audacity to record and edit it. I used a royalty free music track from archive.org for my intro and outro,and uploaded the podcast onto Soundcloud. Note: This podcast is for educational purposes only and is not a part of any actual podcast series.

Course: INTE5680 – Producing Media for Learning