I was tasked with creating a 5+ minute long screencast video. I chose the topic  “How to Purchase Promotional Ad Space on TeachersPayTeachers.com”. Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT) is a growing website that is a online marketplace platform for teachers/educators to sell digital downloads to be purchased by other teachers, parents, etc. I own a small publishing company and have been selling on TPT since 2013. Since there are so many people joining TPT and wanting to learn how to sell successfully, I thought that my topic is relevant. Purchasing promotional ads on TPT can be very tricky. There are very few ad spaces available and it’s extremely hectic when users can purchase ads. Ads sell out within minutes or even seconds on some of the more popular categories. My video will take the mystery out of purchasing ads and explain to new users why it can be difficult to secure ad space. I take the viewer on a tour of each step in this process.

For this video, I used Camtasia 9. It was my first experience using Camtasia 9 for a video of this length. I utilized Camtasia’s built-in audio narration for all of the audio work. For the slides with text (title page, end page), I used PowerPoint to create them, then saved them as PNG files, then imported them into Camtasia.  I uploaded my final video to YouTube.com.

Course: INTE5680 – Producing Media for Learning