Role: Technical Writer (Curriculum/Instructional Design) for Google Applied Digital Skills (Contract)

Wrote scripts, technical instructions for video production team, and created assets (rubric, lesson plan, example projects, trailer scripts, extension lessons, metadata, etc.) for the following video-based lessons (click to view):

Manage Project Communication – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Plan Your Community Service Project – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Go on a Scavenger Hunt Through Italy (Google Arts & Culture) – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Make Art Inspired by Frida Kahlo and Mexico (Google Arts & Culture) – (Lesson Plan)(Rubric)

Create a Collage in Google Drawings – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Create a One-Page Website – (Lesson Plan)

Organize a Club with Google Sheets – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Build Your Professional Brand – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Draft an Application Essay – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Prepare for the FAFSA – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Practice Spelling Words by Following Clues – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Create a Digital Picture Book – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Organize an Address Book – (Lesson Plan)

Plan Seasonal Activities in Google Sheets – (Lesson Plan)

Design a Website to Promote a Project – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Make a Flowchart – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Create a Community My Map – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Research and Interview a Person from History – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Interview a Book Character – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Organize Group Projects in Google Sheets – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)

Share Personal News with Google Slides – (Lesson Plan)

Get Feedback in Google Jamboard – (Lesson Plan) (Rubric)