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Who Am I?

Hello! My name is Shyna Gill.  I am a learning experience designer and technical communicator. I have a very diverse skill set ranging from eLearning development, to technical writing, and to curriculum design. I am a true lifelong learner and am constantly trying to better myself and stay up-to-date on all the latest trends in these industries. My goal is to provide the services and content you need to help your organization.

I have a strong interest in visual design, iconography, typography, and color. I enjoy making ugly documents beautiful! I’m also interested in how instructional designers and technical writers need to be aware of their audience’s literacy levels when producing content. My thesis at Minnesota State was how low literacy and illiteracy affects the comprehension of prescription medication label comprehension among patients. I am also interested in instructional design and training involving the aviation industry, health sciences, transportation, and logistics. My interest in technical writing was a by-product of having an interest in how things work. I grew up in a family full of heavy equipment operators, pilots, and mechanics and I’ve always been naturally drawn to it.

I can provide you or your organization with top quality documents and solutions quickly and efficiently. I am well-versed in working remotely and have all the top-of-the-line tools to help you and I communicate and collaborate on what needs to get done. I have excellent communication skills and can work with your subject matter experts. If you need things researched – you’ve found the right person! I love research and digging into learning and solving things. To learn more about the types of documents, content, and development that I can provide, please click on Services on the menu bar. I can create and edit:

  • Technical Writing

  • eLearning Courseware & Courses

  • Quick Reference Guides (QRG)

  • Job Aids

  • Reports

  • Storyboards & Scripts

  • Screencasting & Video Editing

  • Web Content Writing

  • Infographics & Graphics Editing

  • Curriculum Content Writing

…and much more! Click on Services in the menu bar to see a full list!

Contact Me

Need Help with a Learning Solution or a Technical Communication project? Contact Me!

I would love to help you find a solution to your problem quick and affordably. Email me and lets chat! Not sure if I can help with your complicated problem? Ask anyways! I have a diverse skillset and love problem solving! Even if I can't find a solution, I may be able to point you in the right direction to someone who can help!
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