Gardening in the City: Successful Gardening in an Urban Environment

I was tasked with creating a Pecha Kucha presentation, which is a presentation of twenty slides where you have 20 seconds to present each slide. My Pecha Kucha presentation was about my journey into urban gardening. I grew up in a rural small town with plenty of opportunities to garden. When I moved away from my hometown to a bigger city for college, I struggled with not having access to a growing space due to living only in apartments and townhouses. Luckily, I moved to Corvallis, Oregon, a city located in the agricultural heart of the state. Corvallis has created opportunities for residents to get involved in many types of gardening. My Pecha Kucha presentation took the audience into my urban gardening journey, from my background growing up in a rural area and gardening there, all the way to my latest foray into community gardening. My intended audience was urban residents who were looking for ideas and opportunities into becoming involved in this agricultural movement.

Extra Resources:
Pecha Kucha – Design Document

Course: INTE 6710 Creative Designs for Instructional Materials